Immeasurable Numbness


The purpose of this art project was to create an interactive atmosphere for people to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement. Protests often repel people and I hoped artwork could draw people into the discussion who normally avoid topics of race, oppression, and privilege. You may watch how the day unfolded in this video.

Title: Immeasurable Numbness

Medium: Acrylic Paint, 3 by 4ft Canvas


Beginning Public Painting

I decided to publically paint in Wells Hall at Michigan State University, but I knew that I would not be able to complete the whole 3 by 4 foot painting in one sitting. I spent about 27 hours completing the background beforehand.

To encourage discussion I made three posters to bring to the public demonstration. Sticky notes and writing utensils were provided for people to respond.

Poster 1: This is a place for discussion. Honesty is appreciated. Hate speech is not tolerated.

Poster 2: How does the statement 'All Lives Matter' make you feel?

Poster 3: How does the statement 'Black Lives Matter' make you feel

The Public Demonstration

Student Interacting With Art

Location: Wells Hall at MSU

Date: November 27, 2016

Start: 8:30am-6:30pm

Throughout the day I painted and interacted with a variety of feelings and opinions. Interaction took place through verbal discussion, writing, and reading responses. It was helpful when some of my friends came by to engage others in conversation as well, because sometimes I was so focused on painting that I did not talk much.

Craig Hedges was extremely helpful with transporting things to campus and helping document the process. Special thank you to him and his photography.

Public Painting

The Discussion Continues

Immeasurable Numbness was entered into ArtPrize to continue the conversation. Police brutality is still a prevalent issue in our society. The Black Lives Matter movement needs increased understanding, support, and dialogue.